Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Craft for Kids

I found this fun project Here at

Ages 7 and older (parental assistance necessary when using the hot glue gun)

Supplies needed:

- large 16 ounce can (cleaned)
- light green and red acrylic paint
- black felt
- saucer or small plate to trace around for the hair
- 2 large wiggle eyes
- large wooden half bead for the nose
- black permanent marker
- 2 short flat end screws
- hot glue gun
- scissors
- stiff paint brush
- paper towel


1. First paint the can green. If necessary, paint a second coat of paint if the first coat did not cover well. Let completely dry.
2. Paint the half wooden bead also in green and set aside to dry.
3. Trace the saucer or small plate onto the black felt and cut out using a zig-zag pattern to resemble hair. You can do this by cutting out the circle and then cutting triangles on the outer edge of the circle.
4. Have parents glue the hair, eyes, nose and screws onto the dried can.
5. Use the black permanent marker to draw a mouth and scars onto the can.
6. Kids can now take a stiff brush and dip it into a little bit of red paint. Wipe the brush now onto a paper towel until the paint is almost dry on the brush. Now take it and brush on red paint onto the nose and cheeks. Repeat if necessary until the right look is achieved.

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