Thursday, October 1, 2009

Keep track of your CUPS Kids!

I started making these for all my kids a couple of years ago, I really needed a way to minimize all the dish washing I was doing. This WORKS WONDERS. I decided to make some more yesterday for the new preschool kids and thought I'd share. This is super simple craft.

Here is what you need: I got all my supplies at Walmart.

Plastic Letter Beads

Stretchy Cording with a hollow center.

Connector pieces, (usually comes with the cording)


Super Glue

Step 1: Cut a piece of cording, a little smaller than the width of the cups you will be using. Sorry no picture.

Step 2: Thread your beads onto the cording.

Step 3: Cut a small connector piece, put glue on it and shove it into the cording, it takes a little work, do the same with the other side. Smoosh it together.

Step 4: Let it dry, it usually takes about 10 minutes, and your done. Now wasn't that super easy? This can also be used to make super cute braclets for kids, just measure their wrists to make the right size.

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