Monday, July 4, 2011

A forgotten project.

I know these have been floating around blog world for some time now and I finally decided to make one.

I started with a $10 night stand found on KSL.

I sanded it and took off the old drawer pulls and the face of the top drawer.

I bought the accessories at the dollar store and craft store.  An upside down letter L for the faucet, and a baking pan for the sink. 

I didn't end up using the Butterflies though.

Painted it a luvvurly shade of Aqua.

Added some swivel coaster wheels on all four bottom corners.

I attached the top drawer front using hinges (an instant OVEN) and added new drawer pulls.

Some day I will get around to painting the inside door (Maybe)?
My daughter could care less.

Food Storage for the bottom drawer. 
This is used as a Fridge.

I spray painted the faucet, handles, knobs, and burners silver.

Then using a jigsaw I cut a hole for the sink, attached the faucet, handles, and knobs with screws, and glued the burners on. 

And there you have it.

I was inspired by this Idea and followed these instructions here and just made it my own by tweaking a few things.
My daughter got this for Christmas last year and she just loves it, not a day goes by with out her pretend cooking on her new stove top.

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