Monday, July 27, 2009

Chip Board Christmas Decor

I have a few things that I've made in the past that I will be posting, this is one of them. I'm sorry if the tutorials pictures are not up to par, but I did not take step by step pictures back when I made it so bare with me. I also know it's not Christmas yet but it's never to early to start planning right. I made this last year and gave it out as a fun Christmas gift.

Step 1: Buy a piece of chip board any size you want
Step 2: paint it any color you would like, I picked red because of Christmas
Step 3: I printed out some cute clip art that I downloaded at PC Crafter. Christmas of course.
Step 4: Decoupage the Images onto the chip board, be careful the ink from the image can run a little so don't go over it to much.
Step 5: Add ribbon for hanging or any other embellishment, like buttons or glitter.
There you have it an easy cute Christmas gift. Happy Crafting!

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