Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to make a play shield.

I made this for my son last Halloween, he was a Nintendo character named Link, it was really quite easy and he has played with it ever since.


Step 1: Google the Internet for Knights Shields and click on Images. Find a shield picture that you like the best. Try to find an Image that is large, flat and clear in pixels when you click on it, and then print it out.

Step 2: Next take the Image to the copy store to have it Enlarged and printed on cardstock. The largest they could make it using one full sheet of paper was 11 " by 17" which is a good size for a little boy. Cut it out and then have the copy store LAMINATE it. This cost was about $3.00.

Step 3: Then I went to Roberts Crafts and bought a sheet of foam board. It is about 1/2 thick and it only cost was a couple of dollars. I then placed the shield on top of the foam board and traced around it with a pencil. I cut out the shape of the shield with a craft razor, very carefully.

Step 4: After that I wanted to make the edge of the shield smooth so I used wide clear packaging tape all around the whole thing to seal the edges.

Step 5: Next I mounted the laminated shield onto the foam board using glue dots purchased at Roberts.

Step 6: On the back I just used some duct tape to make a handle to hold on to it.

And that's it. It really didn't take very long at all and I have one excited boy who had a shield to go with his costume.

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